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Help Farmers By Gaming

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Help Farmers by Gaming

Playing Farmville for hours on end via Facebook has been a pastime for many of us. So, what if you had the opportunity to help out real farmers or entrepreneurs while you go about your gaming via social networking sites?  ‘Seeds’ does exactly that with its microlending options. The basis of the game is to rebuild a civilization that is decaying. It penalizes impatience (about $25) by asking the players to part with real money in exchange for a virtual currency which helps expedite the process. The money that is collected is then donated as microloans to people in the developing world. Farmers in Kenya, for instance, are given cows which can then be utilized as collaterals in obtaining proper loans. The current prototype for ‘Seeds’ consists of a game as well as an API (Application Programming Interface). The goal of creators is to make Seeds as addictive as Farmville so that the microloans do not cease. A game that also gives back to the community? Sounds like a win-win situation!


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Help Farmers By Gaming