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Honey Boo Boo Recommends Selling Sugary Lemonade To Pay For Beauty Pageant

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Honey boo Boo- Lemonade Sale

The reality show, “Here comes Honey Boo Boo” got a taste of young Alana’s entrepreneurial skills when she decided to sell sugary lemonade in order to meet the expenses of bedazzled dresses and outlandish accessories so necessary for beauty pageants. Alana’s Mom, June had earlier lamented, 'Pageants a big investment. I raise four kids and I’m able to do pageants as I budget. Honestly, we budget and I try to save money any way I can.' The young Alana is, however, determined to achieve her ambitions hence the idea of peddling lemon juice. But what about the recipe? June admits that it is overly sweet with almost 5 pounds of sugar added to two gallons of lemon juice. So will the pesky Alana manage to tempt her customers with this sweet syrupy drink? The 3 million devoted viewers of the reality show are keeping a close watch!



Image Credit- Daily Mail

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