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Eat, Coke & Be Happy!

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Coke's Happy Mktng Campaign



Coca Cola seems intent on spreading sunshine and light via its Happiness campaign. Its most recent endeavor was to get the Italians to enjoy a meal amidst the Naples sun. Well, the soft drink giant has been trying to make people happy for some time now. Springing unexpected surprises on the unsuspecting public is in fact working like a charm in delighting the child in every adult. And Coca Cola is of course reaping the benefits. A marketing campaign that has few parallels so far. Bottles of cokes and cartons of good old Italian food were lifted down from food trucks and an impromptu dinner arranged on the streets of Naples. Well known Italian chef and TV personality, Simone Rugiati acted as the host and urged people to join in. There was food, fun and music and the Neapolitans had a rip roaring time making the Happiness centric marketing strategy a great success.



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Eat, Coke & Be Happy!