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MacDonald’s Goes Political Via Burgers

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Mac Donald's Burger- a Political Msg?

MacDonald’s has always been prone to experimenting. But its recent limited offer of a pair of black & white burgers in China have left us somewhat perplexed. You can of course opt for each kind of bun separately but buying the pair as a combo makes more economic sense. The ingredients that go into the black bun topped with white sesame seeds and black pepper sauce or the white bun topped with black sesame seeds and a sweet white sauce are deemed to be equally healthy or unhealthy as the case may be. But it is the story behind this innovative marketing ploy that has had everyone guessing. Is it a symbolic expression of yin and yang or does it have deeper connotations namely, “heibai liangdao tongchi” as the Chinese call it. The phrase refers to people who keep relations with both the government as well as the underworld i.e straddle both worlds. Or could there be a hint of racism there, think US Presidential elections! Whatever be the cause, the effect is too yummy to miss.



Image Credit- McDonald's China

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MacDonald’s Goes Political Via Burgers