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Saint-Émilion Wines Get New Classification

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Wine classification

It is not for nothing that Saint-Émilion has been declared the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its cobbled streets, old world charm and the dominating Cabernet Sauvignon vineyards boast of a rich heritage as well as a heady wine. Since 18th century, small wine holders have been the backbone of the Saint-Émilion wine scene and the situation is, more or less, the same even today. However, it was not until 1980s that the world, including most of the Bordeaux's merchants started paying attention to the wines produced in this place.

The area now is home to some of the most precious wines in the world, including Château Ausone and Cheval Blanc, which sell for thousands of pounds per bottle. To improve the structure of the wine industry in this place, a new system of classification for the Saint-Émilion wines was introduced recently. The most popular system of fine wine classification remains the Médoc, which was introduced in 1855, at the time of the Paris Universal Exhibition.

However, the new system of classification, introduced in Saint-Émilion will be based on the guidance of the Institut national de l'origine et de la qualité and it is believed to lend a rare value to the wines produced in the region. While many eyebrows have been raised on the new classification system, it is bound to revolutionize the way wine is classified elsewhere.



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Saint-Émilion Wines Get New Classification