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Wine In Handbags: The New Fashion Mantra

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Boxed Wine Handbags

The fashionistas of the world always try to be different. And to lunge around a box of wines camouflaged as a handbag is very different indeed! Vernissage, the Swiss company just made a cardboard box full of wine classy. It is haute couture at its best! You can simply carry your booze along without having to risk raised eyebrows now. On the contrary, people are likely to look at your handbag and go green with envy! A double bonus indeed that is until you decide to pour a little wine from your handbag in order to appease your thirst. Would the act be deemed chic too? Or is it just plain gauche? You decide for yourself as you take a look at the high fashion bags in vogue today. Vernissage also gives you the advantage of choosing your ‘Vin de Pays d'Oc’ in hues of red, white and rose. What a way to say, ‘Cheers!’



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Wine In Handbags: The New Fashion Mantra