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Big Theft Of Small Booze Bottles

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Stolen Booze Bottles

Tiny packets of munchy snacks and compact bottles of booze is something to look forward to if you happen to travel by American Airlines. But the possibility of resisting the lure of booze becomes remote once you have to see the tiny bottles day in and day out. This theory was justified when 18 employees working at JFK were arrested for stealing 100,000 miniature bottles. Whew! That makes it equal to almost 4000 standard sized bottles. The offenders involved 2 security guards who helped the 16 LSG Sky Chef (suppliers for the American Airlines) workers smuggle the tiny booze bottles out of the terminals which were sold to various liquor shops later on. The entire racket had been the mastermind of Domingo Duran, an employee of LSG Sky. He now faces 15 months of rigorous imprisonment for embezzlement along with his booze stealing team members. Well, you do not have to look at every mini bottle with suspicion now but be sure to inform the authorities should you come across 1-ounce bottles at a corner store.



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Big Theft Of Small Booze Bottles