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A Boozy Twin For Dippin Dots

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Cryo Spheres- Boozy dippin Dots?

Dippin Dots, the sumptuous, melt-in-your-mouth ice cream of the 90’s is back again in the news after its bankruptcy filing. People still remember the frozen dots fondly and the ‘ice cream of future’ now has a sibling albeit an evil one as it is boozy in nature. This unique concoction was created by a bar in Washington DC. While the alcoholic treats have been named as cryo spheres, their resemblance to the Dippin Dots is striking indeed. The fast frozen alcoholic balls are created by dipping an alcoholic mixture slowly into liquid nitrogen which results in a freezing dot. These spheres also come in handy while mixing drinks and gives you the advantage of adding both ice and booze at one go. “The perfect end of summer treat--cryo-spheres!” is a tweet which will help you gauge the general perception vis-à-vis these delicious dots.



Image Credit- Capitol City Eats

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A Boozy Twin For Dippin Dots