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Sin City Restaurant Offers $17 Million Buffet

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$17 million Buffet

Las Vegas  supports excesses of all kinds amidst the glitz and glitter. Food and drink cannot be far away when its big bucks that you are talking about,  especially when you decide to visit the Caesar’s Palace. It’s lavish spread of all-you-can-eat buffet suitably named, ‘The Bacchanal Buffet’ is bound to enthrall and disgust you at the same time with its sheer opulence. The $17 million meal will provide every opportunity to enjoy food in all forms and you can even watch the chefs work on the dishes you covet. More than 500 dishes feature here with representations from almost every cuisine in the world. The executive Chef at Caesar’s Palace comments, “We are offering the most items out of any buffet in Las Vegas.” He believes that this is the perfect number of dishes that needs to be provided so that the highflying crowd at Sin City can dine in style. Well, paying $39.99 for dinner isn’t quite easy but then you do have the satisfaction of trying out 500 dishes even if it means having a tiny spoonful of each.



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Sin City Restaurant Offers $17 Million Buffet