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Bartender Offered His Own Credit Card For A Drink

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Buying Beer with Stolen Credit Card

A man in Miami nabbed a car parked on the beach and decided to celebrate his success with a drink. He walked into Clevelander Bar and tried to buy a beer with the car owner’s credit card. Surprisingly enough, the credit card belonged to Bradley Fuller who was the bartender on duty. He was still unaware that his car had been stolen. However, he got suspicious on noting the name and asked the offender for his only to hear his own name from the homeless thief. David Weber, the 53-year-old accused was promptly handed over to the police where he claimed innocence by stating that he had found the credit card lying on the street crossing. Unfortunately, no one chose to believe him and he is currently in prison on charges of theft and fraud. Well, it seems to be a strange quirk of fate. Weber, sure to be doing time, is certainly not saying ’Cheers’ now.



Image Credit- colorbox; mikeroeconomics.blogspot

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Bartender Offered His Own Credit Card For A Drink