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Forget Money, Pay In Apples & Oranges!

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A new restaurant in Italy allows its customers to pay in, not money, but fruits, vegetables, and other items. This barter system will work at " L'è maiala" in Florence. You do not need to carry cash or credit card when you go to eat there but you do need to carry a basketful of vegetables, fruits or any other barter-able item.

The restaurant is being opened on the premise that money is not everything. Owner Donella Faggioli also hopes to offer a decent meal to those who can, otherwise, not afford one because of shortage of funds. Now, isn't that a noble gesture in a place and time when restaurants don't think twice before fleecing the customers in the name of fine dining.

The L'è maiala will serve traditional Tuscan dishes in lieu of the produce, which will, then, go back into  making food for other guests. Don't miss out on this wonderful bright spot in the bleak times of today.



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Forget Money, Pay In Apples & Oranges!