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Swedish Dish Prompts Gas Leak Scare

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swedish dish prompts gas leak scare

The police, along with fire trucks and a gas leak emergency team, arrived at the posh district of Södermalm in Stockholm responding to a report of a potential gas leak. Once on the scene, they found that the foul odor was not due to natural gas but rather, people enjoying the traditional Swedish delicacy, surströmming  made with rotten herrings.


The smell has been described as a combination of rancid butter and rotten eggs tossed in sour vinegar. Despite Air France and British Airways banning customers from enjoying it on board, surströmming is known to be the centerpiece of Swedish autumn parties known as surströmmingsskiva. That being said, the Stockholm fire department explained that this was far from being the first false alarm they've received regarding a gas leak that ended up being a surströmmingsskiva party.



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Swedish Dish Prompts Gas Leak Scare