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McDonald's Menu Becomes Calorie-Conscious

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McDonald's Menu

McDonald's is making a new addition to its US menu and it is not a new food item. Instead, it is something, which will help you keep track of the junk food that you are downing at the restaurant and it is called calories. While the Government is planning to introduce a regulation, that would make it mandatory for restaurant chains to put up nutritional information of their products on the menu, McDonald's seems to have taken the lead by introducing the number of calories in its burger and fries on the menu itself.


Explaining the reason behind this, Jan Fields, McDonald's USA President, said, "We want to voluntarily do this. We believe it will help educate customers." While Fields admitted that printing calories did not change the menu mix of the company, she also claimed that the decision had not changed the way people placed order at any of the McDonald's.


Well, if that is case, then the Government's steps in this direction are bound to go waste. As explained by a nutrition expert, "The posting of calorie information isn't a magic bullet in fighting obesity but could have a big effect over time." Therefore, the point is to keep at it and with McDonald's decision, it could well be the first step in this direction, with other restaurant chains following suit.




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McDonald's Menu Becomes Calorie-Conscious