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London Hopes To Raise HIV & AIDS Awareness Via Edible Condoms

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HIV awareness @ Edible Condoms

Raising awareness about HIV and AIDS is considered to be a great cause but what if the means of doing it makes you go, ‘Yuck!’ Yes, that is exactly what you might feel once you are accosted with Alvin Leung’s signature dish, “Sex on the Beach” which looks exactly like a condom lying on sand. Bo Innovation, the Hong Kong eatery has had the honor to serve it first but the icky dish is about to hit London soon. The actual dessert is a sweet concoction of kappa and konjac along with honey and Yunnan ham filled into a pink colored prophylactic and served on a bed of powdered shiitake mushrooms that resemble sand.  This unique dessert was demonstrated by Alvin himself at the “Identità Golose,” London where he challenged other chefs to recreate it. London is soon going to have its own Bo restaurant and the British are welcome to try it out. Is serving such a dish decent though? You decide and let us know.



Image Credit- blog.healthonmove ;  rantingsofamouthybitch.blogspot 

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