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Rhubarbgate: Another White House Scandal?

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Ms Obama with rhubarb plant from White House Kitchen Patch

The First Lady, Michelle Obama has been a great advocate of healthy eating and had also started a kitchen garden patch in the White House. However, the small patch has landed the White House staff in hot water very recently. Roland Mesnier, a former chef on the White House payroll had recently expressed his doubt over the photograph of a rhubarb plant that had been claimed as a White House produce. The plant looks that it has been growing for at least 3-4 years he stated and hinted strongly at the presence of a liar within the Presidential house. The present pastry Chef was quick to admit it and clarified that it had indeed been a large plant, brought over by a farmer, that had been replanted in the kitchen garden of the First Lady. Apparently, this hasn’t been the first instance of replanting large plants. The White House seems to have quite a lot of farmer friends who are willing to help. The first reactions have provoked more amusement than anger as evident from China Millman’s recent tweet, “Roland Mesnier, former WH pastry chef, is hilarious and could have a promising career as an investigative journalist #afjdc #rhubarbgate.”



Image Credit- Associated Press

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Rhubarbgate: Another White House Scandal?