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Reality Star Plans To Open A Sports Bar Just For The Ladies

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Reality Star Plans Ladies Only Sports Bar

Chris Bukowski, the Bachelor Pad finalist plans to do something for the ladies. After all, it was the dating and eating on reality show that had got him so tantalizingly far in the game. So it’s going to a Ladies Only Sports Bar, Bukowski style reveals the reality star. And what is that? Well, it isn’t going to have pink interiors if you are thinking along the expected lines. But yes, it will definitely be a place to meet casually and eat without bothering about the social niceties. Dishes more suited to the female palate like a tapas from Greece & Italy will feature in the menu as will Polish dishes. But why a sports bar? Bukowski thinks it is just another name for affordable food and reality television. The bar will naturally play episodes from Bachelor & Bachelorette. So if you are keen to get some dating tips do step into Chris Bukowski’s parlor oops sports bar.


Image Credit- Sugo Cicchetti

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