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Strange, Sticky Food Addiction

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Strange Food addiction

Addiction to food is something that we are all aware off. But Andrea from Georgia has just topped the list of strange food addictions by declaring that she can’t stop eating sellotapes. She was on “Discovery Real Time Show” for her quirky eating habits. The addiction began 9 years ago when the 23-year-old Andrea found herself out of chewing gum. She simply popped a piece of tape lying on her table instead and has not been able to kick the habit since then. She now ensures that she has a roll of sellotape handy wherever she goes which includes having it taped to her wrist so that she does not have to stop chewing it when she is traveling. And does she like the taste of the sticky tape at all? “Sometimes it tastes like glue. I usually chew it for about 30 seconds,” was what she said. Well, we only hope she doesn’t stick her papers together with the aid of food.


Image Credit- Discovery Real Time

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Strange, Sticky Food Addiction