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Plane Returns Due To Fight Over Dinner

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Flight Returns Over Dinner

A Swiss Airlines flight enroute to Beijing from Zurich turned back all because of a man unable to have his dinner on the plane. Was he ill then? No, the fact gets stranger here. Apparently, an inebriated 57-year-old man could not have his dinner in peace due to the young person occupying the seat in front of him. The seat was kept reclined as the man tried to nap his way through dinner. Chaos broke out as the older passenger got irate at being ignored and hit the person responsible on the head. A fisticuff broke out soon afterwards and both the men kept rolling in the aisle while the other passengers had a free show of a Hollywood style fight sequence. The pilot then decided that enough was enough and turned home to Zurich where the passengers were given the Royal treatment by the airlines. The offenders had to pay through their nose though for causing ‘administrative problems.’


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Plane Returns Due To Fight Over Dinner