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This Milkshake Is Not For Children!

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Beer Milkshake

If you want something more than your usual tipple at the bar in the evening, Red Robin Gourmet Burgers brings you the first-ever beer-infused milkshake. The drink is called "Samuel Adams Octoberfest" milkshake, which is obviously a take on the Oktoberfest of Germany. While Red Robin is not the first restaurant to add booze to its drinks, the situation is most conducive to market such drinks because bartenders are also being asked for help in designing menus, especially at burger restaurants.


Such boozy drinks are ideal for people who often have to decide between a milkshake or a beer to go with their order. The 'Samuel Adams' will be sold across the 460 Red Robin restaurants in the country and it is made with vanilla ice cream , beer, and of course, caramel.


Restaurants other than Red Robin are also putting up booze-induced drinks on their menus and number of such drinks on the menus has increased by more than 50%, which is good news for those who swear by their tipple. The teetotalers may feel a bit left out but sorry, no special offers for them at present!




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This Milkshake Is Not For Children!