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Couples Can't Sit Together In Pak MacDonald's

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If you visit a particular McDonald's outlet in Karachi city of Pakistan with your spouse, chances are you will be asked to sit separately and eat like that. Strange as it may sound, the incident occurred at one of the numerous outlets of the fast food chain in the Islamic country. A Pakistani exporter and his wife went to the McDonald's and were seating on the same side of the table. A while later one of the restaurant staff asked the husband to shift to a chair on the opposite side. When the flabbergasted husband asked why, the employee said, "Sir, this is a family restaurant. Couples sitting together is against the policy of McDonald's Pakistan, as it goes against the family atmosphere of the restaurant." Stunned, are you?


Well, for people who grew up in the West, this may come as total surprise but in Islamic atmosphere, men and women are not encouraged to display proximity in public, even if they are married to each other. The exporter in this case grew up in Saudi Arabia and he said that even in such an orthodox society, he had seen couples sitting with each other in public places. In case of McDonald's Pakistan, to force even married couples to sit away from each other seems to be another attempt by the Islamic hardliners in the country to mould public behavior. Such puritanical diktat will certainly dent the reputation of the popular fast food giant across the world. But whether the US McDonald's condemns or condones this incident is yet not known.


Image Courtesy: tribune

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Couples Can't Sit Together In Pak MacDonald's