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Have Your Coffee & Eat Your Cup!

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Drink up your coffee then throw away your cup? Not anymore! The best form of disposal is finally here! Simply go ahead and eat your container once you're finished with its contents. No fuss, quick disposal and a healthy environment! What more could you want? Enrique Luis Sardi has designed a cookie cup for the renowned Italian branded coffee Lavazza. The container is fashioned out of a pastry and is coated with a special layer of sugar icing that not only makes the contents sweet but also creates a waterproof lining, thus enabling you to drink your beverage without it turning into a soggy mess. The company also announced that a chocolaty version of the cup will be out soon!


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This is Too there a recipe?
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Kim im sure Lavazza will not be willing to share their recipe. However why don't you get creative and try making your own? Use cookie dough and mold it into a cup using greased large muffin cups and bake at 350 degree F for about 12-15 minutes. You can make handles with remaining scraps of cookie dough and bake them as well. Then when the cups are cool, line them with fondant stuck with edible glue/paste and stick the handles with edible glue/paste as well.
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This is Too there a recipe?