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Starbucks Decide to Convert Trash to Detergent

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Starbucks to make detergent from trash

Starbucks, popular for its branded coffee drinks, has recently decided to minimize its carbon footprint. The coffee giant is accustomed to generating large amounts of trash everyday which ranges from uneaten muffins to coffee grinds.  Hong Kong based researchers have now come forward with an innovative idea in which Starbucks can convert all their waste products into something useful. Their waste will be treated in a bio-refinery and transformed into bio-plastics and laundry detergent. The process involves using a specific fungi to break down the complex carbs into simple sugars which can successfully be turned into detergents. This is definitely a great idea, especially given that Hong Kong Starbucks generates a massive amount of trash. That being said, do you think that this approach should be tried by Starbucks around the world? 


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Starbucks Decide To Convert Trash To Detergent