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Starbucks Resorts To Racism Again

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Starbucks Racism

Racism against an American of Asian origin has been reported once more, thanks to Starbucks. The venue this time was Paris and this makes it the third such incident in the history of the coffee chain. The management has been shouting themselves hoarse about their non-discriminatory policies which advocates equality and diversity. However, the Starbucks employees seem to have turned deaf and continue to enrage their customers by drawing ‘slant eyes’ or equally offensive images on the cups of their Asian clients. This has resulted in sacking of the concerned employees both in Paris and Georgia where a similar incident took place previously. The ones serving the customers seem quite unruffled by it though or else this kind of racist behavior would not have kept continuing. It’s time to educate the employees on what is considered to be unacceptable behavior. Maybe it could be included as a part of the training module. Is Starbucks management listening?


Image Credit- deadprogrammer  ; now.msn

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Starbucks Resorts To Racism Again