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Ice Cream Cones That Make You Scream

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Scary Ice cream cones

Ready to get scared out of your wits? Jill of “Kitchen Fun with my 3 sons” fame has now shown us a way; that of handing out scary monster ice cream cones. You would definitely have a hard time deciding whether to yell with fright or yell in delight! There are no dearth of varieties when it comes to these monstrosities either. Feel free to choose from Frankenstein, the Wolf Man and of course the age old blood sucker, Dracula who happens to be an all time favorite. Jill is positive that her creation would sell like ‘hot cakes’ during Halloween.  Isn’t it a trifle too early for the scary delicacies though? Well, she has already seen the candies being stocked up for Halloween so Jill decided to go ahead with her chilly coolers too. Plus there really isn’t a good time for getting scared. So why not begin the countdown to Halloween right away?


Image Credit-zwani; Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons

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Ice Cream Cones That Make You Scream