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Lobster Shells Trigger Hazmat Scare

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Lobster Shells- Hazmat ?


A suspicious looking package triggered off an alarm in a Southampton village last week. The police were duly notified who arrived and promptly called in the fire department as well. The custodians of law proceeded gingerly to isolate the Hazmat (hazardous material) from the bucket while cautioning the onlookers to stay clear.


The crowd crept forward, apprehensive of finding bombs and explosives that could blow off the village. Suitably clad officers poked and prodded only to recover a bucket full of lobster shells and an empty bottle of French wine.


Such a waste of good training! We also extend our sympathies to the cops and firemen for not being able to feast on the lobsters and wine.

Image Credit-clipartof; danceswithchaos.wordpress 

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Lobster Shells Trigger Hazmat Scare