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iPad Games That Orangutans Play

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What do you think of two kids playing with iPads? Nothing probably unless they happen to be the mother-son duo of Puppe and Budi, who incidentally are orangutans.


The Toronto Zoo has made good use of the US program “Apps for Apes” by allowing the primates to learn their use. The Sumatran Orangutans are having a field day playing games while nibbling on snacks. They have also learnt how to Skype fellow orangutans. The only difference between us and them being that they touch the screen with virtually every part of their body, from knuckles and fingertips to lips and toes.


The Zoo authorities hope that they would be able to make intelligent choices soon by clarifying the kind of food they would like to eat. For now, they are interested in earning a food reward for using the device properly.


Image Credit-torontolife

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IPad Games That Orangutans Play