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Who Would Eat This 300-Pound Crab Cake?

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Crab Cake

Well, no need to worry about that because by the time you read this, the crab cake will already be on its way to, umm, you know where! The record-breaking feat for the World’s Largest Crab Cake, at 300-pounds, was taken up by Handy International, who are an old hand at it. In the past, they have made a 253-pound crab cake, which was a world record in itself. Their latest crab cake was cooked at the Maryland State Fair over the weekend and it took 200 pounds of crab meat, a mixture of eggs, breading and special seasoning, as well as 8 hours to cook this enormous treat. The three-food wide crab cake was cooked on a rotisserie-style cooker, designed by Handy’s Jim Cupp. The cake was served in the form of 584 sandwiches and the hungry crowd milled together to generate $3,217.



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Who Would Eat This 300-Pound Crab Cake?