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Football Munching Just Got Costlier

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Football snacks


Americans bite into about 25 billion wings every year but that count is set to come down because of the rising price of chicken. Buffalo wings, the popular deep-fried chicken dish, served with yummy dips, are going to cost you more this year. Not just wings, but food items like corn chips, hot dogs, nachos, and burgers, which people like to munch on while watching their favorite teams every Thursday, Sunday & Monday, will all cost more than what people are used to paying. 

The USDA had already indicated in July of this year that the prices of domestic food items will rise by 2.5-3.5%, with beef prices increasing by nearly 5%. As a result, food promotions like the 99-cent Wing Wednesdays at Wingstreet will be hard to maintain with an anticipated increase in price to $2/lb. What sacrifices are football fans going to have to start making with their snacks?!

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Football Munching Just Got Costlier