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Tandoori Chicken Flies 4,000 Miles To Darfur

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Bombay King

The Bangladeshi Air Force (BAF), stationed for peacekeeping in strife-torn Sudan, recently received a surprise meal of tandoori chicken, Bangladeshi Pangash fish cutlets and lamb biryanis. The meal, which cost £1,200, was air-flown to Darfur by the Bombay King restaurant 4,000 miles away in Camerton, UK. Chefs Abdul Gaffier and Joy Dip prepared the meal under the guidance of restaurant owner Sahab Uddin and the meal was ordered by Captain Mustafa Azim, who works on air salvage projects. His cousin is Squadron Leader Mustafa Kabir and it is for him and his colleagues that the Indian meal was ordered. Bombay King’s owner is known to deliver to top celebrities as well as to common individuals around the world, pandering to their fantasies. Happy at having achieved this feat, Captain Azim said, “Good Indian food is difficult to get in the Sudan and I was hoping Sahab Uddin could help me out. I knew he had catered for high profile guests in the past and I asked him to work his magic for me.”


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Tandoori Chicken Flies 4,000 Miles To Darfur