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Pub Culture Back In UK


Changing British Pub Culture

The good old pub culture is back in Britain with people turning eagerly to the new reinvented avatars where it is not about ale and beer any more.

You can now have a wholesome meal of Shepherd’s pie, homemade sausages and the British traditional, fish & chips while you order a pint on the side. The informal atmosphere coupled with affordable prices is driving the people in. 252 new pubs have now been added to Britain’s culinary scene making the traditional eatery fashionable once more.

Do go out and enjoy your drink after a hard day’s work without burning a hole in your pocket. Time to bid adieu to the expensive Michelin starred restaurants and enter pubs once again!


Image Courtesy: yetanotherfoodblog , tripwow, clevelandleader

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Pub Culture Back In UK