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PETA Paying You For Going Veg!

PETA 1PETA, or "People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals," is doing a yeoman's service in spreading awareness regarding cruelty against animals. However, its recent initiative, that of paying $1,000 to the US students for going vegan, seems to be a desperate call to people to spare animals. This step may also be indicative of the fact that the American students are now becoming more aware of the vegan situation. The organization has used celebrities like Paris Hilton so far to propagate its vegetarian message. However, it is the first time that money will be changing hands here.



PETA Offers Money

In order to create awareness across the campuses in the country regarding the significance of a vegetarian as well as vegan diets, PETA is organizing a contest among the student campuses of the country. The main aim is to create vegan-only dining around the colleges and universities. In this regard, PETA2 - the student-outreach arm of the organization - is promoting the contest.



The Contest PETA 2

The animal rights organization will offer $1,000 to that campus, where students succeed in making their college dining hall completely meat-free. The fact that cruelty to animals is part of meat production, irrespective of whatever the producers claim, is the driving force behind this campaign. Ryan Huling, Manager of the PETA2, told a newspaper, "Many of those products are as bad if not worse than conventional meat and dairy. Many of those animals are suffering, and the producers aren’t allowed to give them any sort of pain relief, because that would violate the organic standards." The organizers of this contest firmly believe that the meat-free dining halls will eventually be beneficial to non-vegetarians as well. As Huling further explains, "We're hearing amazing reports from these schools (which are participating in the contest). The vast majority of the customers were not vegetarian students. They were just seeking fresher, healthier dining options, which also happen to be cruelty-free. It's pretty clear that these options appeal to all students."


Prizes Galore

This is not the first time that PETA has indulged itself in such a situation. Four years ago, in 2008, PETA offered $1 million prize money to the group of scientists who succeed in creation of artificial meat. Once again, the aim was to remove cruelty to animals from the face of earth while keeping in mind the taste preferences of non-vegetarians. Scientists are already close to the million dollar prize with the creation of the first in vitro hamburger, set to occur in October 2012. Encouraged by this news, PETA has decided to wait further for the first in vitro chicken by extending the deadline until January 1, 2013.



Fighting against animal abuse is the prime objective of PETA, which is supported by about three million people around the world. Do you think such contests would be able to create awareness against meat consumption in the world? Would you like to fight for the $1,000 prize money?


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PETA Paying You For Going Veg!