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Nigerian Arrested For Cocaine Stuffed Chicken Roast!

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Chicken Roast Stuffed with cocaine

Nigerian authorities seized browned, roasted chickens from Vincent Chegini Chinweuwa, a mechanic returning home from Brazil. No, eating roasted chickens is certainly not taboo in this African country but the stuffing within the chickens proved to be highly interesting as the police recovered  2.6 grams of cocaine from the browned poultry.


The Reason

Vincent Chinweuwa had apparently been working as a mechanic in Sao Paulo but wasn’t quite happy at the money he made by honest labor. He hit upon this ingenious plan and stashed together $ 150,000 worth of drugs mainly cocaine which he smuggled into his home country. Nigeria has been particularly notorious as a transit points of drugs lately. Most of the drugs are distributed to Europe and the US via this country. However, the “ National Drug Law Enforcement Agency” has been extremely vigilant recently and they are well equipped to catch hold of drug smugglers now.


How was The Drug Hidden


 Chinweuwa was arrested after the scanner revealed the whereabouts of the cocaine. The drug was securely packed in egg shaped, gold colored foil and inserted into the hollowed out chicken roasts. An innovative recipe to be sure! The authorities arrested him immediately and he is currently in custody. “This was like a retirement plan for him,” said the spokesman for “ National Drug Law Enforcement Agency”. The local newspaper of Lagos reports that the offender had expressed hs sore disappointment at being detected. He disclosed that it had taken him more than 3 days to stuff the cocaine within the chickens. Extraordinarily long preparation time for a recipe!


Well, the drug induced dream has gone up in a smoke now for Chinweuwa while the roasted chickens have no doubt landed up in someone’s plate in Nigeria. While you can manage to get thousands of recipes for stuffing chicken, please do not try out the one by Vincent Chegini Chinweuwa, be it Christmas or Thanksgiving.


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Nigerian Arrested For Cocaine Stuffed Chicken Roast!