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Giant Cup Of Cappuccino Sets World Record

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Giant cappuccino record

Julius Meinl, the 150-year-old Austrian coffee company operating in Croatia commemorated its 150th birthday by inviting the officials from the “Guinness Book of Records.” The officials watched as the company proceeded to pour 2,000 liters of freshly brewed cappuccino into a giant coffee cup thus earning the record for creating the world’s largest cappuccino ever.


Brewing Of The Giant Cappuccino 

1000 Baristas (coffee makers) from across the country turned up at the capital city of Zagreb in order to take part in the record braking cappuccino brewing event. A stage was set bang in the center of the Zagreb square as the baristas got down to their work, watched by the public who egged them on. Twenty two coffee making machines were pressed into service too and the beverage was ready in three hours approximately. It was then poured into a giant cup on the stage and the  officials from the “Guinness Book of Records” noted the findings. The exact amount turned out to be 2,012 liters in all.


How The Cappuccino Was Prepared

Cappuccino is usually prepared by whisking warm milk, espresso coffee and milk foam in equal measures.


And The Record Gets Created

The Croatians were elated at having bagged a record and got it certified by the “Guinness Book of Records.” While there have been other large food related records, this category happens to be a new one and the officials stated that any entry in a new category requires to fulfilling certain criteria first. Creating the largest cup of cappuccino entailed filling a cup with a 1500 liters or more of the beverage confirmed Seyda Subasi-Gemici, one of the judges from the “Guinness Book of Records.”


However, the actual credit needs to go to 80 Baristas of Prague who had put together 2,117 liters of cappuccino in a cup back in 2009. But their claim could not be substantiated as it had not been endorsed by the Guinness Records.


Do you fancy drinking all that cappuccino? While coffee has its benefits there may be some harmful effects associated with it too especially if you don’t moderate your intake. Do check out the pros and cons before you take your coffee break.


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Giant Cup Of Cappuccino Sets World Record