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Alcohol Drives Man To Kill 70,000 Chickens

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Man Kills 70,000 chickens

Drink has often been associated with crime but killing chickens that too 70,000 of them at once is certainly nothing to be proud of. Joshua Shelton, a 21 year old man has been identified as such a culprit when he was found unconscious, reeking of alcohol and lying in his own urine behind a poultry shed in Delmar, Maryland. The owner of the poultry farm as well as the police remain baffled about his motive. Let’s take a look at how the lives of the chickens were suddenly snuffed out.


What Occurred?

Mark Shockley, the owner of the poultry noticed that the power had been switched off which affected three of his poultry enclosures. The chicken started dying off within minutes as they were left without food, water, and cooling apparatus. Killing off so many birds even inadvertently is no excuse though. Shelton, the accused isn’t quite confessing either. He claims that he has absolutely no memory of what transpired while the police are now blaming the action as a side effect of alcohol.


What The Police Say?

Lt. Robinson, who is in charge of the case, questioned Shelton closely without any apparent results. He infers that the 21 year old had been to a concert in the neighborhood and must have entered the farm premises in a drunken stupor where he shut off the circuit breakers, snuffing out the power and killing the chickens.


The accused has now been charged with trespassing, damage of property and malicious intent. While there is no doubt that Shelton will serve his time in prison, his action has cost the chickens their lives. What a shameful deed!  PETA had requested the Michelin starred restaurants to stop using foie gras, but killing thousands of chicken is surely a bigger offense? Is PETA listening?


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Alcohol Drives Man To Kill 70,000 Chickens