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Garlic Knots Get Man Punched In Face

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Garlic Knots

Delivery boys all over the world, here is an on-the-job lesson for you to learn - Always remember to carry the garlic knots with your order, especially if the customer has ordered for it. Otherwise, you might get punched in the face or even beaten up.


Missing Garlic Knots

Food crimes are nothing new but this one takes the cake as far as bizarre is concerned. When a pizza delivery man, Johnathon Feigen,  went to deliver his order to Robert Wheeler, a 48-year-old resident of Vero Beach, Florida, little did he know that he would get a punch, instead of the usual tip. Garlic knots are lumps of pizza dough, flavored with garlic. It seems Wheeler was extra-sensitive about his "knots", which is why the 346-pound and five-feet-10-inch man punched the 19-year-old delivery man right in the face because he missed bringing the knots with the pizza. That is not the end of the story.


"Give It To That Man..."

Wheeler even asked the injured man to "give that (punch) to the person working on the phone". He probably meant the man who was taking orders at the restaurant. In fact, Wheeler did not hide the fact that he had punched the man. But he was adamant that instead of him apologizing or being punished, the restaurant must pay him back the money for the order. Nevertheless, he was arrested because, of course, punching a man just because "he forgot the garlic knots" is an outrageous crime. Soon after his arrest, the hefty man was let out on a bond worth $500. The case will come up for hearing later this month.


Pizza Emergency

After being punched, Feigen did not ask for immediate medical help. Instead, by the time he reached home, his eye was swollen and he was complaining of "headache and nausea." As a result, his mother took him to the hospital. See, what happens when people mess up orders. This has happened in the past, either with restaurant staff or servers. Once a man went on a violent rampage inside a restaurant when he found that his order had been messed up. He even assaulted the server. In another case, a man sued Taco Bell because the restaurant had apparently put in "too little meat" in his taco.


Waiters or restaurant staff as it is get a raw deal in US restaurants. To top that with such obnoxious behavior from customers can get a bit too much. It is not always that the orders get messed up. Sometimes, the restaurant staff can also go out of the way like it happened in case of McDonald's employees recently, who saved a choking one year old. Nevertheless, be careful if you are a worker in a restaurant and, most important lesson of all, never mess up an order, or at least wear a helmet!


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Garlic Knots Get Man Punched In Face