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Mad Scramble For Crashed Eggs

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Egg Truck Crash

Accidentally dropping an egg and having to clean it up is nothing new to us. But it is just a trifle hard to imagine a milion people rushing in to scrape the broken eggs of the ground so that they could go home and cook them. This is no story though and happened in Zhengzhou of Henan province last week.


The Mishap

The actual incident occurred when a motorized vehicle carrying the eggs jumped a yellow light and crashed into another vehicle, spilling all 6,000 eggs in the bargain. A quantity that is too huge to imagine especially when it comes to broken eggs. The food thus wasted would have helped restaurants to plan their menus for an entire week with the cost being significantly higher than the monthly salary of some of China’s residents.


The Retrieval

Now wait a moment! Did I say ‘wasted’? The remnants of the smashed eggs with their yolks and whites separated, not as neatly as the new Chinese method propagates though, were in fact picked or scrapped by the crowd that came rushing in on the scene of the accident.


While some just stood and gawped, most scrambled for picking them up. A lone woman stood aside muttering, ““Eggs broken, mad scramble for them. I wouldn’t dare do that,” but the others carried on regardless of the dirt that had encompassed the nutritious egg overshadowing all their health benefits for the moment. Quite a few of the crowd arrived with plastic bags into which they scooped up the eggs gingerly. A scenario that is too alien for the common US citizen to fathom. Take a quick look at the video below, a perfect example of how people actually smile when they suddenly come upon a great ‘windfall’ like a mountain of smashed eggs.


While most of the western media would feel pity for them, this can definitely be interpreted as a sign of optimism. After all, you can make an omelet instead of lamenting your losses when life hands you a broken egg.


The townspeople of Zhengzhou deserve our admiration for their stoicism but we would certainly like to tell the driver to look before he crashes especially when carrying eggs.


Image Credit- choppasenoel.blogspot 

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Mad Scramble For Crashed Eggs