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Now You Can Space-Dine On Earth

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Space Dining

The news of NASA looking for life on Mars and various astronauts walking on Earth’s orbit has made 'Space', the new catch word now. And how better to celebrate our performance in space if not via food? So food it is which includes a variety of yummy treats. Don’t hope for Sunita William’s favorite samosas or Indian sweets though! This is specialized Space Food at its best. Let’s see what we can find in a typical sampler meant for the Astronaut.


What Is Space Food?

Well, to put it simply, it is food that you can carry and eat in space. And no, let me tell you that you would be quite unable to eat the ordinary burger and fries while you hang upside down or float along trying to maneuver your space ship. The food is specifically created keeping in mind the disadvantages that a human being can face in space. The nutrition factor is also adequately taken of.

Space Dine Sampler

Variety of Space Food

The early days of space flight were not exciting as far as food was concerned. It used to be all gelatin and toothpaste like food that helped sustain our astronauts as they tried to take the giant leap on behalf of the mankind. Then Pillsbury decided to do something about it and ‘Space Food Sticks’ were born. The sticks contained a balanced amount of fats, carbs and proteins and was in the shape of a rod. And the good news is that it has now been released to the general public. Yipee!


Contents of A Space Food Sampler

A box of goodies that you can munch in space! An exciting thought no doubt and we can have it right here and now without having to wish fervently that our great grandkids might one day hop on a spaceship casually armed with a box of the said goodies. Well here is what you can expect within a typical ‘Space Food Sampler’:-

  • 2 Space Food Sticks (Chocolate & Peanut Butter flavors)

  • 1 Freeze Dried Ice-cream sandwich

  • A few freeze dried strawberries along with a handful of cinnamon-apple wedges, also freeze dried.
  • 2 Splashdown  drink mixes of orange and lemon flavor.


You will also be the proud owner of a cute little Space Stick magnet which you can use to secure the packets to your table as you proceed to eat them while hanging upside down a-la astronaut.


We had last heard about NASA trying to create tasty tidbits for the impending journey to Mars which will occur once ‘Curiosity’- the rover manages to pique further curiosity. We recommend the Astronaut lunch box which might give the space travelers some relief in the form of food.


Image Credit- NASA, Think Geek

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Now You Can Space-Dine On Earth