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Eat Less Meat Or Go Hungry Forever, Says Study

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Veggie diet 1You need to bring down your consumption of animal-based protein if the world is to be saved from a massive food shortage. A recent study reveals that if people adopt more of a vegetarian diet, the critical shortage of food that awaits the world by 2050, may be averted. This scenario draws an indirect relationship between the human consumption of meat and the reducing sources of food in the world. You do the rest of the math.



The Swedish Study

The UN describes food security as a situation “when all people at all times have physical and economic access to sufficient, safe and nutritious food to meet their dietary needs and food preferences for an active and healthy life.” The Stockholm International Water Institute produced this study, which blames the present day meat-rich diet for the drought conditions in this world. The study says, “There will not be enough water available on current croplands to produce food for the expected nine billion population in 2050 if we follow current trends and changes towards diets common in western nations.” The Stockholm report would be made public at the annual World Water Week conference, to be held in Stockholm, Sweden. This conference will focus on the theme of “water and food security” and world leaders, UN Bodies, NGOs, and researchers from around the world are expected to put their heads together to find a solution to the current situation.


The Best Option Veggie diet 2

Considering the fact that relentless campaign by animal rights activists has had little effect on the meat-lovers, the only option available to the world population is to go vegetarian by 2050 or go  hungry. There is simply no other way to feed the growing population. Since water is one of the most important resources to grow our food, if it is threatened, our food supply is threatened. At present, 70% of water resources are used to grow food crops. Consider this fact – producing animal products like meat uses 5-10 times more water as compared to plant-based products. In addition to this, about one-third of the world’s cultivable land is used to grow food just for animals, who are then slaughtered to feed the carnivore humans. So, you see, a lot of resources are going into keeping up the meat supply. Compare this to the fact that only about one-fifth of our daily diet is made up of meat or meat-based products. It is anybody’s guess that we are using too many resources to produce a small portion of our daily diet. That is not intelligent at all.


Veggie diet 3The Crisis Is Here

If you still believe that there is no reason for us to worry about the impending food crisis, think again. It has already been reported that 77% of America is facing drought conditions, as a result of which almost 85% of the wheat, corn and soybeans crops on American farms are either damaged or destroyed. In addition to the worst drought condition in the country, more than 70% of our food grains are being fed to raise cows, pigs, chickens, etc, to feed our hunger for more meat. Scientists are also saying, “Nine hundred million people already go hungry and 2 billion people are malnourished in spite of the fact that per capita food production continues to increase. With 70 percent of all available water being in agriculture, growing more food to feed an additional 2 billion people in 2050 will place greater pressure on available water and land.” Saving the world could be one of the benefits of not eating meat.


Eat Less Meat Veggie diet 4

At present people get 20% of their daily dose of calories from animal-based protein. The study wants them to cut down their consumption of animal-based protein to 5%. This is necessary if the world is to feed everybody by the year 2050. Increasing population is expected to place an additional burden on the water resources, which are necessary to grow crops. As a result of two billion more people being added to the world population by mid-Century, we “require to increase our food production by 70%..” Going vegetarian is a strong option because this diet is good for everybody, including kids.



In places like Africa’s Sahel region, millions are starving because of drought condition, high prices, and too little food. In a way, it is the rest of the world that is responsible for these hungry people. Be forewarned, that world food crisis is about to hit us. Scientists have already warned that if we do not cut back our meat consumption, we may be facing a catastrophe as far as our food supply is concerned. And the impending doom is just a few decades away, so there is very less time for you to start acting.


Image Courtesy: thinkquest, worldbank, econews, swabhimanngo

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Eat Less Meat Or Go Hungry Forever, Says Study