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Japan’s Robot Restaurant Has Crowds Dancing To Automation’s Tune

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Robot Resturant in Japan

Eateries and restaurants are abound in metropolitan cities and every one of them, from functional no-fuss joints to hugely expensive luxury retreats, have been popular during various times in history. But what about the Robot Restaurant in Japan? It is a new eatery currently drawing in the crowds at the Kabukicho district’s red light area. But if you expect the automation to cook and serve you there, you might just be disappointed. However, if you're looking for some live entertainment that involves attractive young girls in bikinis riding robots while you have your meal, this may just be your place. Sound quirky? Be prepared for more action…


What Do You Get?

 It is all about showbiz at this restaurant. The food seems to come second here, as you simply get to eat whatever is served to you in a bento box. Time to watch the androids in action... 

Robot Restaurant Perfomance

Two pairs of giant female robots are bound to capture your attention as they wave and wink while shaking themselves to Lady Gaga songs.These facial movements are, in fact, controlled by the restaurant staff, which consists of a pair of girls atop each robot. A joystick is the maneuvering tool which each bikini clad girl gets to operate while enacting the “Fighting Females” that lasts for 60 whole minutes.

Robot Restaurant Perfomance in Tokyo

You also get to see a bit of combat action as the girls change into military outfits and proceed to drive the robots into the crowd. This occurs after you have finished your 4,000 yen bento box dinner. Girls fly through the air, borne by tiny airplanes as the combative action comes to an end, only to reappear in fairy-like costumes holding sabres and dancing to American music.

Then, it's time for you to bid ‘Sayonara’ as you will get ushered out blinking your eyes at the spectacle just witnessed.


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Japan’s Robot Restaurant Has Crowds Dancing To Automation’s Tune