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Lobster Slides Down The Social Ladder

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Lobster Becomes Cheap

Ordering a lobster for dinner would have labeled you as being filthy rich or horribly snooty, occasionally both. This was the perception just a few years ago but all that has changed now, with the giant crustaceans sliding considerably down the socio-economic ladder. The result? Lobster can now be bought and enjoyed by all and sundry. It is an affordable and nutritious ingredient, easily accessible to the masses in the United States of America. So how did this happen all of  sudden? Read on for the details…


The Mystery Behind Decrease In Lobster Price

The reason for the crustaceans becoming affordable is certainly no mystery. The answer is simple enough. The lobster population has gone up making the catches more and more substantial as well as cheaper. Hence, you may not get any envious glances coming your way as you order a lobster in any eatery across the US. In fact, it is now selling at $2 per pound which is lesser than chicken meat and hamburger.  A far cry indeed from the days when it used to be a luxury item. But why this sudden spurt in lobster population? Are they becoming increasingly active sexually? Well no, it is the global warming which has finally given us a cause to celebrate. The warming of sea waters have allowed the crustaceans to thrive and we are directly enjoying the benefits of lobsters. The only down side are that the companies need to think out of the box in order to market them in huge quantities now.


Enjoy The Cheap Lobster


This is the time to go one up on the snob brigade comprising the rich and famous. Incorporate lobster in any way you like including in salads, soups and BBQs. The $2 price makes it feasible to be used:-


  • ·         Atop buns slathered with mayonnaise.

  • ·         As a prominent ingredient of burgers, a trend started by “Burger & Lobster” of London.

  • ·         As the chief meat in spaghetti which enables you to taste lobster with every forkful.

  • ·         As finger food with lobster tails being grilled and served with cheese and tomato.

  • ·         As lobster rolls.


Check out the above recipes and you will see that eating the succulent meat this way is much more interesting than carefully dipping it into butter sauce and taking a dainty bite out of it.


Give in to the adventurer in you and eat lobsters with gusto. You will definitely find it to be much more delicious, now that it is selling for half its original price. Bon Appétit!


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Lobster Slides Down The Social Ladder