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Spook Loves Fruit Roll Ups

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Spooked Supermarket

We’ve all heard of haunted houses but have you ever heard of ghosts making their presence felt  by tossing up fruit roll ups? That too in a supermarket? Well, facts are indeed stranger than fiction or so report the staff of IGA supermarket in South Australia. Let’s check out the ghost story out for ourselves.


What Is The Problem?

The security cameras that had been installed to check theft of products are now being utilized to locate spooks instead. The brand new camera, in fact, revealed how the box of fruit roll ups had jumped up and landed on the floor of the supermarket at a distance of about 6 meters in spite of no human presence there. The incident keeps on recurring with the fruit rolls being tossed regularly along a distance of 18-36 feet. This has been recorded by the cameras installed all over the store too.


The Reason

The owner, Norm Hurst is equally perplexed. He admits that he had been forewarned by the store’s previous owners about the presence of a ghost. However, Hurst had simply shrugged it off with a nonchalant, “Yeah! whatever!” Now of course he finds himself unable to find any other explanation for this strange event. The fruit rolls leaping off are certainly not sliding off accidentally, it looks as if someone is throwing them on the floor with force.


Ghostbusters haven’t been at work at the store yet but the time for calling them in cannot be far away as no one can quite explain the mysterious leaping about of fruit rolls. The stars chatting on the reputed Australian morning show, “Sunrise on 7” are now attributing the action to the ghost of a boxer who was found dead on the pavement just outside the IGA supermarket in 1998. Do listen in to the video if you want all the facts about the ghost who has a sweet tooth.


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Spook Loves Fruit Roll Ups