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Designer Paper Bag For Ladies That Lunch

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Designer Lunch Bags

The Ladies that lunch but carry their own food might have something new to cheer about now. And no, I’m not about to mention gourmet food items, it’s the paper bag that holds the lunch thats in focus this time. It has turned into a glamorized avatar  of itself courtesy Jil Sander, the top designer. The cost? A whopping $290! So is it worth carrying your lunch in a bag that is much more expensive than its contents? Let’s find out…


All About The Designer Bag

Well, here are some of the salient points about the Rolls Royce of lunch bags. Check them out.

  • The paper is of high quality and touted as durable.

  • Stitched seams, a designer logo as well as metal eyelets to aid ventilation are the other features which spell ‘class’

  • While  a sandy brown is the most common color available, the bags can also be bought in matte and vinyl black to match your dress.

  • The label is ‘Vasari’ and is equivalent to the cost of 50 cheddar cheese-ham sandwiches.

  • A leather version of the same bag is also currently available but it might just set you back by $630. Of course, it is black leather which is extremely chic this season.


The Snob Factor

While we get to throw out our paper bags once its purpose is over, this one is for keeps. Being expensive is no deterrent for the rich and famous and carrying a Vasari bag filled or not filled with lunch is considered to be very ‘in’ now. In fact, the style guru of all, W Magazine hailed it as being an absolute must this season. 'Turning a necessity into an indulgence... Forget recycling - this bag is a keeper,' are the exact words which have enthused women. The bag has also been showcased on the ramp during the fall-winter season and is now considered to be a ‘hot’ accessory.


The wallet-breaking price coupled with the basic material used might just make you wonder, “is it worth the expense? After all, most of the society ladies are on perpetual diet and carrying a solitary apple  in a Vasari might just seem to be a wastage. Well, you will have to be the judge here. But remember that it is the package that counts in high society.  


Image Credit- 10magazine; stcatherines

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Designer Paper Bag For Ladies That Lunch