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Swiss Guards ‘Bugged’ By 33 Pounds Of Caterpillars

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The larvae or catterpillars are considered to be an obnoxious food item and for most of us belong either to a list of Chinese ingredients or the weirdest African snacks list. But when a couple of border guards, on duty at the Basel airport of Switzerland, came across one Adrian Obonanjo’s luggage recently, they were shocked out of their wits. The luggage contains these creepy crawlies and the African national was, apparently, “addicted” to them for his snack time.



One of the Weirdest Snacks

At first, it was the smell of the dead insects, which hit the guards with full force. On checking the luggage, not one or two, but 33 pounds of dead black caterpillars, were found to be inside the luggage, when it passed through the X-ray machine. The insects were packed inside the fake bottom of Onobanjo’s suitcase. The guards posted at the Europort were, obviously, stunned at the sight but once they regained their composure, they told the traveler that the seized bounty of caterpillars would be destroyed. What the African replied to the border guards was even more stunning than pounds of caterpillars inside the luggage.



I Want My Snack!

Onobanjo apparently threw a tantrum and said that the caterpillars were his snack. He claimed that since he was addicted to these snack items, he needed to carry a lot of these in his luggage. In fact, when the authorities insisted with the destruction of his bounty, the man started eating them up, claiming that the insects were “a delicacy and should not be wasted.” Hope you are not already throwing up!



Munching His Way Through

In fact, the flabbergasted Swiss border guards were left watching as Onobanjo grabbed handfuls of caterpillars and continued to munch his way through. The scene looked like right out of a Hollywood horror flick. The 47-year-old man kept eating his ‘snack’ right out of the black plastic bags, into which these were kept. One of the guards, told the media, “Even border guards, hardened by the bizarre things we have had to deal with, were shocked by this particular case. The man obviously knew he shouldn’t have been trying to bring them into the country as they were hidden under a false bottom. He tried to tell us that it was a special type of root, but some of them were still moving.”



After the guards took Onobanjo away from his ‘snack’, they packed the rest of the caterpillars into a sealed container and destroyed them later. The man, meanwhile, was charged with smuggling the insects and taken into custody. Well, what can one say about the case of such inedible delicacies but just look away.



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Swiss Guards ‘Bugged’ By 33 Pounds Of Caterpillars