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Hamburger Throwing Teacher Assured Of Pay

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Hamburger as WeaponDisciplining students is nothing new but trying to make her point by throwing a half eaten hamburger  right back at the erring student is bound to have you sit up straight and take notice. But chances are that you might actually get to sympathize with Patricia Whitney, the assistant principal of West Haven High School located in New Hampshire. Let's find out what happened.


The Incident

Ms Whitney had, apparently ticked the student off for being in the cafeteria  during class hours. The student, irate at being interrupted while she was enjoying her hamburger, promptly hurled it at her teacher. Whitney wasn’t one to take it lying down either, that too from a chit of a girl who happened to be her student. The innocent hamburger proved to be the best weapon at hand which was thrown back at the student.


The Reaction

The school authorities were noticeably aghast at the incident and asked Ms. Whitney to go on administrative leave. However, she tendered her resignation on August 13 which was accepted. The school authorities also relented and cleared her pay through to Feb 28th or until she managed to get another job.


This seems to be a victory of sorts for the ex-teacher although the thought of hurling hamburgers in a fit of rage is certainly not amusing.  With the food situation growing worse  every year and food wastage reaching unprecedented heights , it’s time we thought of putting it into our mouths instead of treating it as a weapon.


Do you find the thought of fighting with foods  amusing? Please let us know.


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Hamburger Throwing Teacher Assured Of Pay