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Candy For Cows!

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Cows Eat CandyGone are the days when kids were the only ones satisfied to gain a bagful of candies Now it comes in all sort of shapes and sizes and has started being favored by the cattle class namely the cows! But what has the docile animal have to do with the sickly sweet tasting candy  meant for human consumption, you may ask. Well, Joseph Watson, a rancher from Mayfair, Kentucky has been feeding his cows with candy quite regularly. He isn’t quite enamored by the various shapes, flavors or colors though. It is the sugar in them that has made him hit on such a brilliant idea especially after the corn prices started going through the roof.


The Reason

Watson explains that he could not afford the high priced corn for his livestock anymore. "Just to be able to survive we have to look for other sources of nutrition ," hence the candies. Joseph owns 1400 cows who have now got accustomed to their dessert after meal. Sweet tooth in a cow is news indeed! However, it isn’t pure sugar that Watson feeds them. He doctors the high calorie, sugar rich product by mixing it with a mineral nutrient as well as an ethanol byproduct. So far the cows have not shown any indications of ill health and are munching happily on candies. The cattle have shown a steady gain in weight as well. Joseph is now a happy man with his cows gobbling up the candies morning, noon, and night.


But the question is will the cows be inclined to go back to tasteless corn after the prices decline somewhat? Hard to tell but for now the alternative has just worked out fine. Whether meat from the candy loving cows will be considered a gourmet product  is debatable. But surely if the meat from wine fed cows  are considered to be a luxury item why not the candy flavored beef? Another tricky question that keeps us scratching our heads is whether the meat from such cows will be fit to cook the main course or will it give a new dimension to desserts altogether? Do write in if you can find the answer.


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Candy For Cows!