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Fast Food Joint Appreciates ‘Best Butt’ By Offering A Discount

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Best Butt Discount

A young lady, enjoying a veggie bowl  and fried pickles  at a fast food joint can certainly hope for some furtive glances coming her way. But never in her wildest dreams did she imagine being complimented for her ‘Looks’ as well as ahem..her ‘Butt’ by the restaurant.


Yes, it occurred at ‘Twisted Root’, a fast food joint located in Dallas. The customer copy of the receipt allowed for a 2 cent discount on her total bill $14.22. The eatery is well known for its jocular treatment of the customers and the young people enjoy being given names of celebs or cartoon characters once in a while. The servers are allowed a creative license and they go about adding a whacky discount here and there, particularly if there is an attractive face in the crowd.


Well, we have heard of angry waiters insulting customers but this just swings it too far at the other end. So, what are you thinking now? Up for some fun compliments and a discount as you order a Burger ? A Penny for your thoughts  then or would you rather fancy 2 cents for the ‘Best Butt’?


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Fast Food Joint Appreciates ‘Best Butt’ By Offering A Discount