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Would You Like A Bowl Of AIDS Soup?

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Don't raise your eyebrows so high! There is a soup by this name, being served in Chinese restaurants across China. And it is claimed that this soup can cure AIDS, that dreaded disease, which has not found its cure yet despite the best scientific and medical efforts being carried out. Trust the Chinese to venture where no other country would dare to. Chicken soup has been touted as a cure to common cold, and even high blood pressure, but AIDS? That's a first! Well, Chinese cuisine is known for some really out-of-the-way dishes and it is just one of those.



The AIDS Soup

If you happen to drop into any of the Chinese restaurants in and around Beijing, even within lavish malls, and you hear somebody say, "I'll have the AIDS soup," don't do a double take. The person is probably talking about AIDS soup, with sheep placenta in it. This soup is marketed as a "healing broth", which is an ideal elixir for those suffering from "frail body, hepatosplenomegaly, and tuberculosis embolism." The AIDS soup may sound even more fascinating considering the fact that it is being served in Chinese malls, just meters away from such Western chains like Starbucks, Hello Kitty Dreams Restaurant, and more.



What Goes Into It?

Apart from chicken and the Sheep Placenta, the AIDS soup also contains such obviously horrifying delights like Ecological Bullfrog Stocking, Tonic Old Turtle, Ginseng and Howlet's wing, Monkey Head Mushrooms, sliced spam, unknown nuts, and Monkey Brains. All these ingredients (really???) are bubbling with traditional medicinal properties, which can revive even the worst patients.




The soup is not as bad to taste as it is to hear. People who have dared to take a sip say, it has warming and healing properties. But is this soup really  beneficial in such extreme conditions as AIDS? Well, there is no scientific explanation or confirmation of the same but in the Chinese restaurants, where this soup is sold by the bucket, cooks and waiters vouch for its healing properties.


Soups are often recommended for curing ailments, after all, you can beat diseases only with healthy diet habits, isn't it? So, whenever you plan to host a soup party at home, go for the AIDS soup. However, its recipe is a closely-guarded secret and you may have to travel to Beijing to get it.


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Would You Like A Bowl Of AIDS Soup?