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Cool Off With Burger King's 50 Cents Offer

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Burger King

Earlier this year, Ben & Jerry's Free Cone Day brought much delight to hungry customers looking for a free deal. Fast food giant Burger King attempts to do the same for you again. With the sun shining down so hard these days, no offer could be as welcoming as the Burger King's 50 cents offer. The fast food restaurant chain is offering its customers a chance to have a taste of their favorite dessert, the vanilla soft serve, at a throwaway price.


The Offer

Burger King offer began on August 17, 2012 and will continue till the 31st of this month. The chain believes that there is no better way to cool off during the summer season than to lick off a serving of velvety vanilla ice cream in a cone or cup.


The Dessert

Flavia Faugeres, executive vice president and global chief marketing officer of the restaurant chain, informed that the company realizes how much its guests enjoy the soft serve on the new Burger King dessert menu. Therefore, she says, "We want to thank our guests and celebrate the last few weeks of summer by offering this tasty treat at a value you can’t afford to pass up. Summer is perfect for enjoying time with family and friends, and what better way to beat the summer heat than with one of our most popular frozen dessert treats?”


The Staple

The vanilla soft serve, with its velvety texture and just the right amount of sweetness, has become a staple feature on the menu, that too within a year of its launch.  With temperatures already breaking all records and heat waves doing the rounds throughout the country, the Burger King's summer treat comes at the right time and what's more, you don't have to burn a hole in your pocket to grab it.


Just 50 cents would help you treat yourself and your family to a classic treat. However, if you want to go beyond the soft serve, for instance, if you are lusting after the Burger King's famous Bacon Sundae, that will come at half the price.


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Cool Off With Burger King's 50 Cents Offer