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Naked Thief Breaks In To Bake Chicken Pot Pie

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You may have heard about the eternal battle between the chicken pot pie and the shepherd's pie, but there is a third entrant to the list, which is ‘stolen chicken pot pie.’ All this is thanks to a 22-year-old naked thief, who broke into a house and warmed himself a pot pie in its kitchen. What a pity that he could not eat it because by then the police had caught up with him.



The ‘Pie’ Thief

Although, it is not clear what the actual intention of Russell E. Neff was when he broke into a home situated on the 100 Block of Civic Avenue, Salisbury, he ended up cooking a chicken pot pie for himself, which is quite strange. However, that is not all there is to this strange burglary incident. Neff not only entered the house around 10.25 p.m. stealthily but also stripped right down to his underwear, before proceeding to steal a frozen pie from the freezer and popping it into the microwave.



Feeling At Home

Food crimes are more often than not very funny incidents to narrate. Be it the case of a shoplifter stuffing prawns up her skirt or fans stealing cutouts of David Hasselhoff. The Salisbury ‘pie theft’ is in the same vein. After entering the house, Neff made himself comfortable not only by stripping down to his underwear, but also by putting on the television and stretching out in the living room chair. However, his little adventure ended too soon because the homeowner, who was in the house at that time, had already informed 911 when he heard Neff tinkering around in the kitchen.


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The Climax

After the Wicomico County Sheriff’s office was informed about the burglary in progress, the deputies descended on the Salisbury home, where all the drama was unfolding. When the police entered the house, Neff was found in his underwear, watching television, with the remote control in his hand. Meanwhile, a delicious chicken pot pie was baking in the microwave. The police arrested the man, after he put up some struggle, and charged him with first-degree burglary and other offenses like destruction of property and resisting arrest. This is what one of the police officers on the crime scene said about the theft, “We found the individual in question quite comfortable in the homeowner’s leather recliner, only in his underwear, licking on the remote control and waiting for a chicken pot pie he had found in the freezer to be done out of the microwave.”



That is one strange theft and it is not clear whether Neff is mentally sound or not. May be the man is mentally unfit so didn’t know the consequences of breaking into a house just to be able to eat a pot pie. Or may be Neff mistook the home for his own, which could explain his stripping act and TV-watching. Amid all this, one question remains – what happened to that pie in the microwave? Perhaps the homeowner ate it the next morning for breakfast!


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Naked Thief Breaks In To Bake Chicken Pot Pie