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Bakery Owner Kicks Out Vice President Joe Biden From His Shop

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Baker Says No to Biden

Chris McMurray, a small time baker of Virginia made big time news when he actually gave the VP, Joe Biden a brush off, last Thursday. “Thanks, but no Thanks,” was what he had to say when approached by an advance party consisting of security members and other staffers on the Vice President’s entourage.


The Reason

The owner of, “Crumb And Get It”, a small bakery was adamant about the stand he took. He said that he objected to President Obama’s, "If you’ve got a business, you didn’t build that" remark which had invited the ire of several small entrepreneurs who felt it was derogatory to them and to their effort in building up their business enterprises from scratch. The Prez remark attracted a lot of controversy with the Democrats clarifying that Obama was merely referring to the infrastructure but the Republicans decided to play along with the small time businessmen who thought that the US President’s doubted their contribution in building up their own businesses.


Whatever be the case, the baker, McMurray would have nothing to do with Biden and simply refused to have him under his own roof even for a minute. The baker was quite firm even as he said, “NO”. "This is an opportunity of a lifetime, but essentially I said, 'No offense to you or the campaign  but I just decline you guys coming in here,'" were his exact words that helped the advance party to gauge the situation.


The Reaction

They thanked the baker politely and praised his principles for sticking to what he believed. They also bought quite a few goods from “Crumb And Get It” before proceeding on their way, thus helping McMurray to up his profits for the day.


The Outcome

“Crumb And Get It” specializes in homemade cookies which are often baked and customized according to the order received. The events of Thursday led to a number of curious onlookers trying to get a glimpse of “Chris the baker” as the local TV station named him. This resulted in the small shop running out of all goods including President Obama’s favorite mint cookies , well before time. Late visitors were only able to buy ice-cream as the shop had nothing else to offer.


If you are still curious about what actually transpired between a humble baker and the VP’s men, you just need to take a look at the video below.


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Bakery Owner Kicks Out Vice President Joe Biden From His Shop